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The Change-A-Roo | Concealed Changing Station Pillow

The Change-A-Roo | Concealed Changing Station Pillow

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We are so excited to launch our signature product, The Change-a-Roo! Available now for an introductory low cost!

We designed the Change-a-Roo to eliminate room hopping so that you can focus on what truly matters - quality time with your little one in your most utilized space. The Change-a-Roo isn't just a product; it's a solution crafted with love for new parents like you. The Change-a-Roo comes in a clear, zipper-sealed storage bag for protection when not in use.

It will bring you:
✨ Effortless and enjoyable diaper changes
✨ A tidy solution for diaper clutter
✨ Concealed, stylish storage to maintain the charm of your home
✨ Convenience that blends seamlessly into any room
✨ A unique baby shower gift
✨ A family investment to use for years to come

More than a pillow; our one-of-a-kind Change-a-Roo is a concealed changing station designed with aesthetics in mind! This stylish product is designed to make your daily diaper changes a breeze while keeping your home tidy and clutter-free.

At first glance, it's a clean, neutral-toned couch pillow that complements your decor. But when reversed, it reveals a hidden world of convenience. A zipper-sealed compartment holds a changing pad, diapers, and wipes, ensuring everything is within arm's reach yet discreetly tucked away.

Picture this: With every diaper change, you have everything you need neatly tucked away in a concealed, stylish pillow. It's not just a time-saver; it transforms the diaper-changing routine into a seamless and enjoyable experience.



High performance fabric with a wipeable, removable mat


Pillow: h 15 x w 15 x d 9 inch
Mat: h 29 x w 12.5 inch

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