Thank you for journeying with us from the very start as we hope to fill your inbox, home and heart with only the best tools to make tidy living joyful & manageable.

Our Change-a-Roo Journey
April, 2019

We became new parents!

We welcomed our son, Waylon, into the world. It was here that we found ourselves changing diapers on the couch and on the living room floor more often than our beautiful upstairs "designated" changing station. And inevitably, our diapers and wipes were everywhere.

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The idea began

We wanted to design a product to help parents change diapers more efficiently, while maintaining a tidy and stylish home. We didn't yet have a name for it but the "Change-a-Roo" was now on its way!

February 25, 2019

First Pillow Prototype

After much design work and communication, we received our first ever prototype of our pillow! We were so excited but knew we had a long way to go in fine-tuning our materials to truly create a one-of-a-kind finished product that would look beautiful in any home.

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Hello Ivy!

We became a family of four, as we welcomed our daughter Ivy. Now more than ever we began to appreciate the need for concealed and stylish organization as we nativated two teensy people in our home.

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January, 2022

We became Teensy Tidy

We finally decided to call our brand Teensy Tidy, and along with our signature product we would provide tips and resources to support parents in maintaining a tidy home while raising children in a mindful way, that could still embrace the messy moments we all know come with parenting.

Welcome Weston - party of five!

With three little ones to raise, we started to become quite the experts on organization in our home. Still making room for mess - but conciously creating routines and mindsets to refresh, restore and keep our home calm. Our Change-a-Roo pillow design was complete and now we simply needed to put the last few details together.

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December, 2023

Change-a-Roo Launches 🎉

With great joy and much anticipation for a product that has literally grown and developed alongside our family over the years, we cannot wait to support other parents in both functionality AND aesthetics. Ww're so thrilled to be able to have brought it to life and to be completely made in the USA, as well! Which was important to us. Say hello to convenience!