Why I'm Starting a Blog!

Why I'm Starting a Blog!

The idea for starting a blog here came from creating a story post on IG, sharing about how I was bringing on a new nanny and how I would be creating a “Guide to our Life” type of document for her, to be used as a reference for how we navigate our days and the things we practice and believe in. She has two boys herself, one a teen and one in his early twenties, and during her first day she shared with me that she would be much more “on top” of the kids, so-to-speak, than we are. Which is great from a parent’s perspective, right? I told her we’d rather it be that way than have a caregiver who was more lackadaisical than we were. It’s definitely better that she be more concerned with the well being and safety of our children than not, but she also expressed to me that she really wanted to make sure she was more in alignment with our parenting style and doing/saying the things we would want her to. Which I totally appreciated and I realized I would prefer if we were all on the same page as well, so our kids weren’t getting mixed directions from people within our home. 

That being said, I started creating this document for her to sort of be used as a guide for how we navigate our life and home, but also to provide her with the correlating resources that support our approaches and so that she could have access to the things that have helped shape my decisions and perspectives on the things we do and say. That way, whether she agreed with something or not, she could at least have an idea of where we were coming from and have some research to read through to get a better understanding of our practices. 

I shared with my social media followers that I was doing this and asked if anyone would be interested in reading it.. I know I’m always interested in learning more about the way other people live their lives and I’m always learning new things or seeing things differently from people I respect and follow. I didn’t expect the significant response I received and was really amazed by how many people wanted to read it. It was a really inspiring experience for me and because I know how valuable the things I’ve learned have been for me in my motherhood, I decided I really do want to share my life more with others. In hopes that they either take something from it or are at least inspired by it or maybe can even just be entertained by having a glimpse into our lives.  

I am going to be putting the document into our shop here as a download when it's finalized, but I thought I would just start sharing bits and pieces here as well, for those who enjoy a blog.

So, I’d love it if you'd tell me what would you like me to share about! What are you struggling with in your parenting? What are some things you’d like more information on or just someone else’s point of view on? Is there anything you’ve seen from me that you’d like more insight on? I’m keeping track of all the content ideas I’ve been given, so I’d love for your topics to be added to my list!

Looking forward to sharing with you and thank you so much for supporting me here!

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