Meet us! The family behind Teensy Tidy

Meet us! The family behind Teensy Tidy

Hi there - 

We’re the Adair Family! Brad, Waylon, Ivy, baby on the way, our dog Jake and myself, Jess. Oh, and we have 20 something chickens and two sweet dairy cows, too!

Teensy Tidy was brought to life through the creation of our family and we’re so excited to begin to introduce to you our brand and soon launch the product we’ve been developing for years, ever since our first child was born! What you see here is the early stages of our company coming to life, but behind the scenes, this has been a passion project of ours for a long time. We look forward to bringing you not only products that serve you in your role and in your home, but also recommendations and resources for things we use and love, and just some fun looks into our life and home with teensy ones, that we hope will inspire you!

Without sharing too much before we can show you what we’ve created, I want to share with you a little of my backstory behind the experience that drove this brand to becoming a reality…

Before becoming a mother and during my first pregnancy, I had prepared in every way for my motherhood, but once I was actually in the role, I really struggled in pretty much every way possible.

To be honest, I wasn’t completely enjoying my new position and because I carried this self imposed burden of feeling like I needed to be in complete control of a situation and of people who were obviously outside of my control, I was left feeling exhausted, defeated and basically pretty miserable. I was experiencing motherhood with a feeling of failure and in a constant state of struggle.

My once tidy home and very enjoyable personal rhythm were flipped upside down and I was desperate for some sense of normalcy. The normalcy I had always known and felt this nagging desire to have back. I was definitely mourning my previous self and the life I had up until motherhood really challenged me in a way I had never experienced before. Which created resentment within myself and also sadness, because I knew it wasn’t right or what I had longed for in preparing to become a mom and that there had to be a better way. 

It wasn’t until I learned about and practiced letting go of the need for control, being purposeful in what I could control and truly stepping into my role as a parent with a sense of empowerment, that I was able to start enjoying and pouring into my motherhood, my home and honestly, myself, once again.

I don’t have all the answers, our way is certainly not the only or right way, but I am very intentional with my family and my life and I have learned so much already in my short time as a mother. We’re constantly growing in our knowledge and perspectives and I truly just love sharing the things that have been impactful for me, in hopes that they can either inspire or help another parent, or even just bring you joy as you read about our experiences as a family.

As we continue to work towards launching the invention that drove us towards creating Teensy Tidy, as well as a collection of other beautiful, purposeful products, we want you to become familiarized with us and our brand in other ways as well. In this blog, I’ll be sharing bits and pieces of our life with our teensy ones and how we keep (for the most part, but definitely not always) a tidy way of living. I’ll give recommendations and insight into the resources and just my own personal philosophies I navigate from and also the items we’re loving in our home and for our children as well. I hope you enjoy and please share with me your thoughts along the way and any questions you may have! It’s so helpful to know how I can support you!

Thank you so much for being here and we look forward to sharing with you our vision for this brand as it unfolds! So thankful you’ll have been here from the start, your support and interest means a lot to us!

- Jess and the rest of the Adairs!

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