Gift Guide for Children - Big Ticket Items!

Gift Guide for Children - Big Ticket Items!

Going into purchasing items or putting them on a wishlist for our children, I look for them to meet at least one or some of my preferred criteria, which is that its:

  • Educational
  • Quality, made to last
  • Open-ended in concept
  • Thought provoking
  • Physically engaging
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Inclusive and conscious in nature
  • Super fun and silly

I've recently found some really great things that I'd love to share, but I also thought I would include some of the things that we already have, that have been very good purchases for our littles!

On this board are some things we would call, 'Big Ticket Items' at Christmastime growing up in my house! Whether they were on the pricier end or just larger items, they were a big deal! And usually because they were larger in size, they would be out and on display on Christmas morning or revealed in a fun, bigger way! The following ‘Big Ticket Items’ are things that I feel are great for the long-term and are open-ended items that will bring a lot of additional benefit to not just the littles, but the home!

  1. A play kitchen! I scoured the internet for a long time to find this one, through the tons of great options that are out there! I chose it because it not only matches the aesthetic of our home, but it seems to be of high quality too! I did want it to be visually pleasing though, because I believe it'll become a frequently used item and will primarily live in our dining room/kitchen area. I want our little ones to feel like they have a kitchen all their own within ours! To remind them that they are welcome in our environment and to reiterate that we want them to be included in time spent in the kitchen. This one can be found here!

  1. A play tent! We do not currently have one and it's something I will probably get in the future. I know I myself would love a little cozy space of my own to get into and work on whatever I'm interested in, so I can't imagine how fun that would be for children! It's why I chose the house bed styles of floor beds and encourage lots of fort making in our home. So much creativity and imagination with this type of space! This beautiful one can be found here and can be paired with other great items Gathre has to offer. There are so many versions of this type of thing though, so if you’re not looking to splurge as much on it, here’s another great option for less! 

  1. A Nugget Play Couch is another item we don’t currently have, but that I know is coveted in the kid’s space! And for good reason! I’ve seen little ones of all ages in action with a one of these and it was truly such a hit and they never grew tired of it. If you have the space to accommodate it, I love what it promotes and think it would be a great addition to your children’s play area! 

  1. This is something I ordered on Etsy and I’m very excited to receive it! And it’s another thing I’ve spent a lot of time and research looking into… outdoor play equipment! Since we have the space to accommodate larger items in our yard, I’ve wanted to incorporate some kind of play set or bigger items to add to their outdoor space. Anything of that nature is typically going to be more of an investment, and unfortunately what you find is that the materials are commonly not very high in quality and aren’t built to last. I want to put in a play set, but as I’ve taken my children to more and more outdoor play places, I’ve realized they gravitate towards anything that's house-like. I went down the internet rabbit hole of trying to find an outdoor playhouse that was decently made and was so thrilled to find this listing on Etsy! The reviews are awesome, the seller is happy to customize to your style preferences and needs, and it’s built to last in the elements and for the long haul! I think our kids will love it for a long time! If you're interested in a more inexpensive option that seems to be of higher quality too, check this one out on Amazon! 

  1. Next up is something I recommend to anyone who has a little one. To me, it’s a ‘must have’! A ‘Learning Tower’ as they’re often called, or a kitchen stool, has been a major staple in our home. If you look into the many benefits, you’ll see why. You can find them in various price ranges and we have two, one from Etsy that folds down into a table, and this one that's more straightforward and less costly. I prefer it because with the fold down type, you have to always be cognizant of whether the locks are engaged when a child enters into it upright, and ours is also unfinished, which makes clean up a lot more difficult than this smoothly painted white one we have. Whatever you prefer, I think you and your littles will LOVE this addition! 

  1. A Pikler Climbing Set is a staple in the Montessori play realm. It has many benefits for infants all the way up to older children. They can be ordered in so many different variations to accommodate your desires but also the space you have available to work with. We have this one that we’ve loved for a long time now and it gets played with in so many ways and not even always all together, as it can be broken up and moved around. 

Those are just some of my favorite recommendations for larger items that multiple kids and of various ages can enjoy, that I hope can make your gift shopping experience a little more narrowed down! Up next is some of the smaller things I’ve found for our little ones that I will purchase for the holidays, birthdays or to include in our toy rotation!

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