A Hack for a More Magical and Present Christmas Morning!

A Hack for a More Magical and Present Christmas Morning!

We’ve all been there as parents… your child is opening a present, you’re probably recording it, anticipating their big reaction, and they finally get it open, only to say something like… “Let's open it!” or “We need batteries!” or “Can we set it up right now!?” or "Where's the scissors!?"

Not what we're hoping to hear as we've been anticipating their reaction and hearing how much they love it, right parents?

Instead, the first reaction and all the focus is on getting it to a point where they can actually enjoy it. Which is how I came to the realization that I needed to wrap their things READY TO BE ENJOYED! 

Which is exactly what I’ve done and it’s been such a better experience during gift opening times! If something requires batteries, I make sure they’re installed before wrapping. I fully remove all of the security measures, excess paper or plastic, and anything else that's preventing the item from being completely ready to go and be played with in the moment. 

As I'm taking the time to wrap the presents this way, I'm also reminded of just how much work it is to unpackage and prepare items to be used. Without having to do all of that on Christmas morning, it really frees my husband and I up to just sit back and observe our children's experience, as well as make our special breakfast or just relax with each other. It makes for such a fun, peaceful and enjoyable time!

Another major benefit in doing this, is that we’ve had a lot less to clean up during the special occasion once the gift opening has come to an end! But the best part is definitely getting those reactions that come from a place of being much more in the moment, present with their feelings about the item and so excited to be able to utilize them!

I wish you so much joy in your gift wrapping this holiday season! Make sure to put on some nice music, make your work space functional and tidy, and have a favorite drink on hand! You hold so much magic in this season for your family, don’t forget to make the 'to-do' list an enjoyable experience for yourself, as well!


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